Monday, 21 March 2011

I know it's not very professional to use offensive language whilst blogging but i dont think i can spell anyway and when i try to edit myself it doesnt seem honest. I believe Mark Zuckerberg describd his girlfreind as a bitch when she dumped him for being a boring arsehole. Andrea Dunbar didnt cosider possible offence i'm sure when she wrote The Arbor or Rita, Sue and Bob Too. Then there was the Sex Pistols. It's hard to self censor when you grew up to lyrics like thiers. Swearing and cussing and offensive language is a professional hazard in a live setting, i do, of course, understand and respect sensitivity and i save my tactless verbosity for those situations i feel comfortable about, well at least i thought i did. But what about the blogspot? Comfort zone or proffesional liability? Drunken naked pictures on Facebook. . a bad advert for prospective employers? We're all crossing the lines between work and play. We bring work home. we take home to work. I work for myself I make the rules. if i'm late i give myself a brief mild warning then make a little joke to diffuse the tension, i take a long lunch, many tea breaks and frequently finish early to catch the shop before my favorate Spelt loaf is sold out. I rarely take annual leave because i can't afford the air fare and anyway i have two cats who get upset easily. This will all change soon when i have to join the judgemental world of Duran Duran fans and Classics graduates who can blaspheme in Greek or call me a stupid fat slag in Latin. . .must look that up.. . . .oh well I know how to act and how to avoid offence-my grandmother was a Victorian. She once discovered a reporter's notebook of mine filled with expletives and vulgar aspertions about her when i was staying at her cramped, overheated, coundil flat in Carpenders Park, my Dad was called and i was sent home in disgrace to my joy. . . back to my Buzzcocks records and smoking den in the barley fields of Herefordshire. It wa just a phase. . . or was it? I wasn't in the Brownies but i did fancy the yellow bandana. I have made mistakes and once called someone twisted which caused offence because they associated it with 'sick' but i just meant complicated and and interesting, i think he forgave me. Sychophancy is one of my greatest bugbears and i am not guilty that's for sure. Professonalism is important and i do expect it in other people but i also expect honesty and acceptance of individuality. . so to all you struggling third year aritsts out there . . a faggot is a round meaty dumpling in gravy often served with mash potato and peas, and a term of endearment i frequently use.

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