Friday, 26 June 2009

What a strange day. From Samuel Johnson to St. Paul to Farrah Fawcett to Micheal Jackson via Tate Modern and Strada Camden. it's all a bit much ain't it? oh at least the Jeff Goldblum rumours arn't true, some consolation in this bath of fact fantasy and fatality.

The House of Words was wonderful. Chris Kenney's little books a delight and intrigue. I sooo love little books and often make them about big things that happen. If only i could have opened his little black book of 'Bad News' perhaps it would have some forsight into the sad death of Wacko Jacko. He rocked my world since I can remember. It's hard to understand how my own life has been catalogued in terms of Micheal Jackson songs. ABC when i was learning to read. Billy Jean when i ws trying to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Thriller when i was looking a bit like a zombie from the excessive partying. Leave Me Alone when i was getting divorced. Bad when i was getting over it. Earth Song when i had my last baby Sheelagh. Smooth Criminal when i got arrested and You Rock My World when i met the love of my life. Jamon mutherfuka.

Dinner with my girls was nice we talked about dead dads and uncommunicative brothers. C'est la vie.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Visiting The House of Words today with Sheelagh, recently finished her GCSE's. Looking forward to this unusual collection of installations and interventions - whatever they are - curated by Tessa Peters my proffessional practice tutor from uni. We will walk from Holborn to Gough Square hoping to get into the atmosphere of 18th century London- not likely i know- but it might be fun.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Madonna and Child
projection onto procelain screen installation
June 2009 Harrow

Claudia Clare's the 'C; word

Thank you to Claudia Clare for writng such an observant and inspirational blog on her site the ' C' word. I am delighted to be mentioned and linked to the site. having only recently developed a conciousness about womens' issues relating to images in popular culture and consumerism i am relieved that i was able to communicate something of these concerns in the narrative of the work which i felt was possibly a little self indulgent. oh well it wasn't such a bad gamble perhaps.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Camberwell Ceramics Degree Show 2009

Just been to Camberwell to see the fantastic show of Ceramics from this years graduating students. It was great, diverse demanding and altogether a unique and enjoyable experience.
I have a special interest in this years group because i started my degree at Camberwell with them and left them all behind to try my luck at Harrow. although i don't regret my choice, i do miss the friends i made and was delighted to see them and their work.

Rebecca Cowie's fragile and complex gatherings of bird like bone and shell were unusual and intriguing. She told me they wern't really 'her' but i disagree, rarely have i seen work that so acutely is identifiable with a person's character. I was also impressed with Jessica Joslin's plates- all wrapped up for presents and what a great gift they would make.

it was fab to see everyone and even better to see the accomplished works. I look forward to New Designers and partying with the crew past and present.

My First Blog!

Welcome to my Blog.

I would like to thank everyone who came to Harrow Ceramics Degree Show 2009. It was an exciting and challenging event in many ways. Notwithstanding tube strikes, torrential rain and an ill fitting peepshow lid, I loved showing off my new experimental works.

I would especially like to mention that this degree show work was dedicated to Lynda and Sunday Jones.