Sunday, 23 October 2011


There's alot of learning and teaching going on. I'm learning how to teach by remembering how to learn. She's learning how to learn by forgetting how she was taught. The other one's being taught how to learn stuff she was never taught before. He's learning that living is about using what you've been taught and learning to make that work for you. I'm very proud of everyone in this family...but we all know waht pride comes before (Peggey Mitchell)......there's still room to celebrate how hard everyone is working to get where they want to's always been that way i isuppose but you have to stop and notice in the Autumn...before it's too cold to think.
Craftmanship is being mourned by some and teahing it poses a number of potential problems...opportunity, taste, dexterity, diversity. Why don't young people do pottery? At teaching school we think its because they don't like to get thier clothes dirty. it may seem ridiculous but it's a real promblem. Culturally, we have too much to lose by messing up our Abercrombie and Fitch Tees...our G-Stars....My son alwys complained as a youth that he didn't have the 'right' clothes....all very socially uncomfortable.....but he's an artist because he never had anyting to protect. No reputation, no 'style' no educational lecgacy....he was diverse already.....he got in there with a sewing machine and a pot of paint.