Monday, 7 February 2011

i cant believe how difficult it is to blog when life is going on around you . . . .at the moment i am working on the Harrow Ceamics Archive in a very minor role editing photos.. .. .it is an incredible opportunity to see the variety of expressions and techniques possible.. . . .i recognise some styles
or phases that i have been through and some others not so much and then in amongst the hundreds of images are my colleagues and my own. .. . we stand up nicely against the years of making. . . . there are some very funy sights though. . and i know some sad stories as well. . . .o well i am thinking of changing my name to Joan Holloway/Harris. . . . ..
also sad to here about Gary Moore. one of favourate guitarists . ..
Saw Susan Hiller today loved the girls with telekenisis. . . .and the little water bottles in the wall case. Sarah Pucil was standing next to me while i looked at it. . . quite interesting
also enjoyed the Orozco. ... .. especialy teh empty shoe box on the floor. . not! maybe the tyres. . .coz i like the smell of rubber. . . . .
Happy New Rabbit/Cat Year
which reminds me. . . .one so rarely gets the opportunity to sing Year of the Cat without guilt. . . .
does this mean i can only play it over the lunar new year. . or perhaps right up till the Dragon?
anyway shouldnt it be the year of the Metal Cat?